About Us

OISIZ® - We are a professional insulated bottle brand built for people dare to be different!”


We are big belivers in self-expression. We strive to create colorful, unique, and fun products that reject our customers' tastes and values. We aim to build products that combine functionality and stylish and push the boundaries of creativity.

The brand name is derived from OASIS. We are positioned in light outdoor scenes, hoping to provide some different choices for young people who pursue individuality and love design through bold color matching. The brand's slogan: Dare to be Different! is also an advocate of daring to be different, embracing the unique self, and living a different life.

We are passionate about crafting the highest quality products for our customers. We use the best materials on the market and strive for attention to detail in every product. We want to give you a smooth user experience. With us, you can trust that you'll ge the top-notch quality you deserve!


Using a thermos task is an environmentally friendly act in itself. Using thermos cups instead of disposable plastic and paper cups is a simple, low-cost act to protect our natural environment.


Lifetime Warranty

We're pround to our customers a lifetime warranty on all our products. so you can always feel secure knowing that any product quality issues can be handled quickly and easity.